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COVID-19 Guidelines


We continue to take the COVID-19 threat and  your protection seriously. We will try our best to maintain the safety of our patients and staff. Please note that we work with patients that are immuno compromised and we want to offer a safe environment for all. Thank you for your understanding. We will be following the hospital guidelines.


We have made several COVID-19 office improvements and have implemented sensible safety precautions for patient visits in our office. 


However, we cannot be successful without your help and cooperation. For our business to operate safely, please adhere to our new COVID-19 safety guidelines:


  • If you have had contact with anyone who might have COVID-19 within the past 2 weeks, we will require that the appointment will be rescheduled and/or that we conduct the visit via telehealth. 

  • We request that you arrive alone unless a companion is required. The companion needs to wait in the car. Unfortunately, children are not allowed in the clinic.

  • We ask that patients enter the clinic exactly at the time for their scheduled appointment. We will be working on a tight schedule to avoid utilizing the waiting room.

  • Please have all the paperwork filled out before entering the clinic.

  • All patients must wear a mask while being in our office. 

  • Please use the hand sanitizer that is available to you upon entering the clinic and in the treatment room or we require that you wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds in the treatment room before the treatment or you can request gloves.

  • The treatment room will be wiped down and sanitized to the best of our ability between every treatment. We are using disposable pillow cases and treatment table coverings for your protection.

  • Staff that comes within six feet of others will be wearing a mask.

  • We will continue to closely monitor the CDC recommendations and make adjustments as needed.


We very much appreciate your compliance, and we look forward to working with you in these challenging times and provide the best care available in a safe environment.


For our patients who do not need a hands-on treatment, or are unable or unwilling to come to our office, we have implemented telehealth physical therapy. We have decided to continue to offer this service indefinitely to improve the communication between the patient and the provider. Call our office to set up a Telehealth appointment if so desired.


Please call Penny at 542-9200 with any questions, comments and concerns, and please stay safe.

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