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Golf / Sports Assessment and Rehabilitation


Chris has completed three comprehensive courses: Back to Golf, Callaway Body Balance for Performance and Nike 360 Golf powered by the Gray Institute. This allows us to offer you golf-specific treatments and exercises to improve posture, flexibility, strength, and swing mechanics as related to your physical impairment. 

If an athlete does not have the ability to perform the sports activity, the result will be limited or it will be impossible to perform well in that particular sport. There is strong correlation between someone's physical ability and their performance level.

Please realize that three degrees of your club face not being on target will make you most likely miss the green from 120 yards out. And three degrees is not much deviation. 

We are not built to be natural golfers, and a limitation in hip, spine, and lower extremity function makes a significant difference. Any limitations to your neck and upper extremity also creates a consequential impact as well.


Perform a self assessment in which you should be able to reach the following positions with a reasonable posture:

  1. Back swing position with proper club position while maintaining head position

  2. Address of the ball with limited movement of the head

  3. Follow-through with full body rotation and fully erect position.

Most likely you are not able to perform this, and thus you might need help to minimize the limitations by stretching, strengthening and adjusting your swing through posture, stance, and other alterations.


Golf is a lifetime sport, and Chris continues to educate himself to help make the golf swing  a consistent part of your game, regardless of physical impairment, injury, etc. 


A detailed neuromusculoskeletal assessment is required, and Chris is willing to take treatments to the golf course during the season. We have trained dozens of people, including his three daughters who went on to play collegiate golf, and has helped them overcome injury and get back to the game they love so much at an appropriate level.

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